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First Floor

Entrance, Exit and Automated Book Drop


The entrance to the Law Library is located on the first floor of Cheng Yu Tung Tower. Tap your student/ library card at the entrance to enter the library. If you need help entering the library, press the intercom button on the wooden pole.


The library exit is to your left on your way out. Before you leave, always check if you have properly checked out all library materials you intend to borrow. If the alarm sounds as you exit, approach the counter staff for assistance.

Automated Book Drop

This is located outside the Law Library on the 1/F of Cheng Yu Tung Tower for instant check-in of HKU Libraries materials. With real-time check-in, the book drop updates users' library account instantly. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


For return of HKALL and Interlibrary Loan items, please approach the counter.

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