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  • 1. I forgot to bring my student/ library card, can I still come in?
    To enter the library, you must bring your own student/ library card (please see L2 of Library Regulations). Please do NOT enter the library with any student/ library card not issued under your name. If you forgot to bring your student/ library card, please press the intercom button on the wooden pole for assistance. If you have lost your student/ library card, please report immediately to the Main Library's Enquiries Counter located at the 2/F of the Main Library.
  • 2. Can I bring food into the Law Library?
    According to the HKU Libraries Food & Drink Policy, no food is permitted in all area of the Libraries. Failure to do so will result in the offender being asked to leave the Library and further disciplinary action.
  • 3. I noticed that the Libraries permits drinks brought in and consumed from spill-proof containers only. What is a spill-proof container?
    Spill-proof containers include bottles with twist-on lids, sport bottles, cups or mugs with secure lids and thermos bottles.
  • 4. The book I am looking for cannot be located on the shelf. Can you help me?
    Step 1: Check the status of the item in FIND@HKUL – all on-shelf items should be marked as “Available”. If not, it means the item has been checked out by another user. Step 2: Make sure you visit the right location – location of the item is stated in FIND@HKUL. You may refer to the library floor plan for details. Step 3: Approach the Information Counter for further assistance and fill in the Search for a Missing Item form. The library staff will help you search for the missing item. Items missing may be caused by misshelving or they're being used by another user in the library. When the item is found, the item will be placed on the Hold Shelf for you and an email notification will be sent to you.
  • 5. I have requested a Main Library book to be picked up at the Law Library. But why can't I find it on the hold shelf behind the Information Counter?
    When the requested item is placed on the hold shelf and is ready for pick up, you will receive a pick-up notification from the HKU Libraries. Please pick up your requested item only AFTER you have received the email notification. If the requested item is not a HKU Libraries item but delivered from other universities (via HKALL) or requested via the Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL), please approach the counter for retrieval and borrowing.
  • 6. The book I borrowed will be due soon but I am not able to visit the Library in person. Can I ask my friend to return it for me?
    Return of loaned items does not require the borrower to visit the Library in person. If you are not able to return the loaned item yourself, you may get someone else to return it for you via the automatic book drop located outside the Law Library.
  • 7. Can I return a Main Library book to the Law Library?
    Yes, you can return all materials borrowed from the HKU Libraries to the Law Library.
  • 8. I have lost a book borrowed from the library. What should I do?
    You should report loss of the item at the Information Counter. You are liable for the cost of replacement, a processing fee (HK$100), and the accumulated overdue fine (maximum HK$100), if any,
  • 9. Can I pay my overdue fines with credit card in the Law Library?
    Payment with credit card is currently not available in the Law Library. To settle your overdue fines, you may choose to pay by cash or Octopus card at the Information Counter.
  • 10. I left my USB at the Law Library. What should I do?
    Lost items found in the Law Library are kept at the Information Counter. Please check with library staff at the counter in person. Claims should be made as soon as possible. Unclaimed items for more than two weeks will be transferred to HKU Lost & Found Office.
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