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Second Floor

Bookable Study Tables & Faculty Publications Collection

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Bookable Study Tables

We have 106 study tables, all equipped with power sockets, available on the second floor. Among these, 88 study tables can be booked in advance. 


Reservation can be made online. Please read the Booking Policy before booking. Remember to sign in on-site to activate a reserved session.

The sign-in station is located near the Primary Materials Collection and the three B&W printers. Simply tap your student/ library card on the card reader to claim your reserved session.

Faculty Publications Collection

The Faculty Publications Collection sits against the wall facing the Reference Collection. This collection showcases the research output of the Law Faculty, though many of these now are published in electronic format and included in databases. Included are publications of the Law Faculty and Faculty members in all formats, such as books, journal articles (offprints) and research papers. Publications from Law Faculty members can also be accessed from the HKU Scholar Hub via the Libraries webpage.

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