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Second Floor

Basic Law Collection, Chinese Law Collection,

and Media Resources

Basic Law Collection

The Basic Law Collection contains both Chinese and English materials relating to the Basic Law. These include materials in Chinese and English language covering:​​

  • Selected court judgments relating to the Basic Law

  • Selected consultation documents & reports issued by the Basic Law Drafting Committee and the Basic Law Consultative Committee

  • Conference papers, books and other publications relating to the Basic Law

  • News clippings on Basic Law from 1985

Location name in FIND@HKUL: Law Basic Law (example)

Chinese Law Collection

The Chinese Law Collection covers legal materials of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and other jurisdictions written in Chinese.


The major focus of this collection is on PRC law resources, which include official gazettes, collections of laws and regulations, administrative regulations, administrative rules, local regulations, judicial interpretations, cases, yearbooks, handbooks, manuals, legal newspapers, journals, as well as treatises and books.

Location name in FIND@HKUL: Law Serials [法期] (example), Law Reference [R] (example), Law CJK Books (example)

Media Resources

This collection includes videos on various aspects of law and practice, as well as slides and other non-print materials.

Location name in FIND@HKUL: Law AV (example)

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