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First Floor

Reserve Collection and Textbook Collection

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Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection sits behind the Information Counter. This collection contains books that are in high demand. These are typically required course readings recommended by teaching staffs for their courses.


All books in this collection are for short loan only. The loan period includes 3-hour, 1-day, 2-day and 7-day and can be easily identified by a yellow label on the book spine.


Books in this collection must be checked out at the self-check station even intended for use in the library. Course reading lists can also be found online via ReadingList@HKUL.  

Textbook Collection

The Textbook Collection is located on the first floor of the Law Library directly behind the Information Counter. All books are arranged on the shelves by call number in alpha-numeric order from K to KZ.

Note that books with call number from KT4351-4400 related to Hong Kong law are placed in the first three rows of the collection. Since they are frequently used by law students, these books are shelved in the front for quick retrieval.


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